AppStats Framework

What is AppStats?

AppStats is a lightweight, open source framework developed and used by Grand Central Communications, Inc. to capture, analyze, and publicize health, performance, and monitoring statistics for Java applications. With it, we are using it to:

AppStats' Design Goals

The framework is designed to be extensible and easy to use. Design goals include:

Why would I want to use it?

Appstats proves particluarly useful in the following cases:

What is the status?

Initial design and development work are completed. We are beginning testing, documentation, and platform integration phases. An alpha version is available for review. We will be submitting it for consideration to the JSR-138 Performance Metric Instrumentation Expert Group for review and hopefully inclusion into the spec.

Where can I get it?

Please go to the SourceForge Project Page to download the latest implementation.

The recent API JavaDocs are available for review here.

What can I do to help?

Developer support is always welcome (we have a lot of ideas for this API). Primarily at this stage we are welcoming feedback on the API design and implementation. Please review the API and submit comments to the developer mailing list.

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